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Back in the USSR

This post had legion potential names. However, this one had to win as though I did not get into one of the former 15, this is as close as I will get this trip. And, for a few months in WW1, it was the Hungarian Soviet Republic independent of Mother Russia. The next runner-up for title glory was "Take your momma out all night".

So, Mother has been trekking around the world for a couple of months and rolled into Padova to join my adventures. Flying onto Budapest (a union of towns Buda and Pest), step #1 was Statue Park, way out of town where the Hungarians (or Magyar, pronounced "mudge-ar") dumped all their 'inspirational' red statues after the collapse. There I saw the famous 'cardboard' cars of the old East, the mighty Trabant. These still make up a sizable percent of the Hungarian fleet. Next we hit the Pest side of town, checking out Heroes' Square, a multi-moustachioed monument to the Magyar tribe conquering the Carpathian Basin some 1000 years ago, and all the art museums in that area. Down the road from that precinct, one can check out the Terror House, the former head quarters of the fascist Arrow Cross party secret police that propped up the Nazis' puppet regime in Hungary, and then later the Communist secret police. It's now a disturbing museum of the atrocities those governments carried out.

Moving onto Buda, we checked out the castle district. Amongst many attractions it has a quirky labyrinth that amuses but puzzles (I have no idea why the tunnels are there) and a wine museum with some of the most truly horrid wines known to man. We then caught the train to the 'Danube Bend' town of Szentendre. There isn't much thrilling here, but it's a relaxing place to spend an afternoon.

More to come.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)
There are indeed many great buildings. I have too many photos of them to post.

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