paulfraser (paulfraser) wrote,

I'm 25 and only 1/2 alive and the rest is only just a ticket away.

"Your Neutralness, it's a beige alert."
"If I don't make it, tell my wife... hello."

After some time, I lost the enthusiasm for cities and mountains and the like, one blending into the next. Catching the train through the Swiss Alps, however, slapped me back into a touristic frenzy. Around every bend, past every tunnel that plunges through a mountainside, through every valley, there is a view so perfect that only seeing it through a grimy window was a wicked tease. At some point I must return and hire a car. As one gets out of the mountains, however, this strange little neutral country becomes a bit more beige.

At Basel, on the border of Switzerland, Germany and France, I met Christoph, Simon and their Dutch colleague Thijs, as well as James. Christoph is a German fellow who spent a year in Melbourne as part of his studies some time back and was one of the finest students I ever had in the laboratories, and the other 2 you can read about in earlier posts. We went to Christoph's parents' house just across the German border where we were shown the most generous hospitality, and then spent the next day back in Swiss territory in Zurich. Nice art gallery, but Zurich is doomed to blend in with everywhere else in my memory.

More to come: coffee (but sadly not Italian coffee).
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