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The coffee's hot and the toast is brown

Sadly, there is little to report, aside from some success in my research. I will spare you the details. What I will speak on is food.

One thing worthy of note is the vast extent to which this continent can augment the list of bizarre animals of which I have devoured the flesh. Additions so far have been ostrich, which is more akin to red meat than poultry, and kudu. Biltong is also rather easy on the palate, but who knows what it's made from at any given time? I have also encountered a condiment called Mampoer sauce. It is singularly offensive at the beginning of each mouthful, but mellows out at the end.

I have also rediscovered something fabulous: Amarula. Delicious, but dangerously easy to consume. It does make up for the rather lacklustre beers available here. The best is from Namibia, to the north west, which draws on German colonial influence. Apparently all South African cabernet sauvignon vines have some disease which gives the wine a minty taste. I have detected said subtle taste.

Paradoxically, it appears the weight I was told I lost from solely eating Italian cuisine (I don't know, I don't weigh myself) is going to be put back on in Africa. Well, there you go.

Last comment: I see it has finally been legislated that if you don't like sport, you don't really fit into Australia. Between that and the threat of amorous camels, I may stay here, where horses are high.


Aug. 28th, 2007 02:10 pm (UTC)
Research success
Just thought I'd leave a public note of congratulations on a job well done :)


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