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Having said my goodbyes to the marvellous staff at the B&B I was staying at, I drove 9 hours to Cape Town from Grahamstown, which broke my general malaise somewhat. I invite you to count the things which are wrong in the following:

You, a regular South African driver, are doing a tilt of 130 in a 80 km/h (unmanned) roadwork zone, but the ‘bakkie’ in front with 8 people in the back is only doing 120, so you tailgate as close as possible to inform him of your displeasure. In response, he moves into the emergency stopping lane to let you past. When this manoeuvre is finished, you turn on your hazard lights to thank him and he flashes the high beams back. However, the car without number plates behind doing 160+ has gotten fed up and, traffic bearing down in the other direction, crosses double lines to overtake and cuts you off, nearly driving you off the road. While he is overtaking you, someone tries to overtake him. Soon after, someone’s cow walks across the road in front of you.

These events did not all occur at once but each was observed to occur individually at least once in the 9 hours. Taken one at a time, they did not make me fear for my life (take note, parents) but did inspire me to say some words that stunned poor Joshua, the God-fearing fellow to whom I was giving a lift at a friend’s behest. I must say truck drivers here are far more polite than those at home, but their generosity is expressed by the afore-mentioned emergency lane routine, which is both legal and common.

A couple of months ago I was bemoaning the fact I hadn’t seen a gum tree in months and boo-hoo. Now, I need not see any again for a considerable period; there is little else flora-wise between G-Town and C-Town-Town. I even observed wattles, and several differently-badged Commodores and a Kingswood. Where’s the fun in being O/S if it looks like a rebadged home? Aside from these complaints, the scenery was certainly beautiful, with incredible gorges, ocean views, baboons, rolling green hills and picturesque mountain ranges.

As a last comment, I would direct you to dig out the Goodies episode entitled ‘South Africa’. Just don’t watch it in South Africa; it will put words on your head that if spoken aloud could lead to your lynching.


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Sep. 11th, 2007 10:20 am (UTC)
I like the photo's for fran. (i being stacey) glad to see your becoming more of your usual self. Alan's idea of 2 watermelons, is indeed a good one.
p.s. got a little surprise for you when you get home ;).

how great is it to see those rhino's and baboons in their natural habitats.
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