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Looking back over my life, any time my composure would slightly crack, my darling father would always say, in the most condescending tone he could muster, "stroppy little shit, aren't we" or more inexplicably "getting stroppolous, hey?". Surprisingly, I cannot recall one occasion on which this had the effect of improving my demeanor. This annecdote, I'm sure for some of you, provides the extra insight of partially explaining my affinity for foul language and my distaste for the defacement of the Queen's English (what in hell is 'stroppolous'?).

This said, it is probably just as well Father was not at Calgary after security sent me back to baggage check to check my duty free gin, and then my flight was delayed half an hour, which all came after 4 hours sleep the night before. Under the circumstances, rather than chuck a wobbler, I opted to take a nap. This was probably just as well, as the lady sitting next to me, Sandy, was lovely and we had a nice chat all the way to Winnipeg, once I had woken up a calm individual.

The house I am staying at is a lovely 2 storey affair with many nice wooden fixtures and heaps of charm. I'm looking after 2 cats who are well behaved and have heaps of personality (and aren't evil). Sadly I cannot yet get the internet there so photos will have to be posted later. I'm using free internet at the University of Winnipeg; all very socialist. In fact, as I look up I see a hammer and sickle sculpture on the other side of the library. Between that, and the snow, and the silly hat I'm wearing again, this is eerily reminiscent of Russia. However, unlike Russia, liquor stores here are apparently almost exclusively a state enterprise.

Owing to said snow, the thermal underwear has returned, including the silly tights. If I may wax lyrical, the below freezing air is pleasant like a kiss. What is less pleasant is having shaved most of my facial hair off 2 weeks before coming here. Not so pleasant at all. However, just as in other frozen places I've been, most all the men here are clean shaven. Strange.

One last thing, if you leave comments (and *please* do), it would be great if you could all type your names at the end.

'Til later,


Jan. 8th, 2007 10:58 am (UTC)
Re: In all seriousness
Indeed, their cutthroat razors!

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