paulfraser (paulfraser) wrote,

A whiter shade of pale

Fancy it was. After last night’s sojourn to a Lappish restaurant the list of creatures I have eaten the flesh of has now expanded to include reindeer and…


Those five bear meatballs (with sides, of course) may have been 20 Euro more than anything else on the menu, and they may have been on the blander end of the flavour scale, but I, Matt and the restaurant all knew that was beside the point. Bear I tell you!

Today myself, Matt, and an old friend of his, John, walked around Helsinki. John has been here for two weeks and is over it. This is because Helsinki is a nice town, but not thrilling. Its buildings are mostly recent, a function of not being an independent capital city until the Russian revolution and of then opposing Russia in World War 2. Thus, there isn’t much old world charm. It seems to be comparable to Melbourne, but with more class, modern architecture that is not hideous, and improved cleanliness. The lack of culture shock is compounded by the highest levels of fluency in English I have encountered outside an Anglo-Saxon country.

The people are certainly more respectful than at home, with nary a grafitto to be seen, injurious or not, and little litter. The cemetery doesn’t have a wall for more than appearances. However, the people are dour. Smile at them too much and they are instantly suspicious. Many shopkeepers were wary of me this day.

Finally, I did something today that defies belief. In Scandinavia, the land of people so pale they appear to be ghosts, I got myself sunburnt. I am in awe.

Photos are up, and the phone is down. No connection to the networks. This will hopefully be rectified by Italia.

The photos are in that little link in the side bar.
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