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September 6th, 2007

It’s quite satisfactory that I’ve gotten to this point; less than two weeks until I reach Ye Olde M-towne; before feeling resentful to this damned log and it’s constant need for maintenance. Most of these e-lectronical journals falter after a significantly shorter period. As to the cause of the scorn, it’s not due to a lack of observations to make: I could put into prose a commentary on attitudes to HIV / AIDS here, from governmental denial to animism and ancestor worship that leads to a fatalism and an absence of personal responsibility and to the contrast of t-shirts some infected young people wear that declare their status; I could lament the quality of governance on this continent; I could pontificate about the Evangelicals I have conversed with and how certain of my views on them were reinforced but many unexpectedly challenged; I could put a case on affirmative action and the renaming of anything too European for the current climate; or less seriously I could relay the day I spent at a game reserve (photos are up: rhinos!); and given more enthusiasm I could probably compose passages on a score of other topics, each deserving of a thorough treatment.

However, I can’t be arsed. I am completely unenthused.

Today is my last day in Grahamstown. Tomorrow I drive to Cape Town, some 900 kilometres away. There looks to be much of interest there which should snap me out of my feeling of meh.

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