August 21st, 2008


I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant

Just remember folks, the shtick of this blog is that all the titles come from lyrics, with at least some tenuous link to the subject matter. This one, an unfortunately selected weepy on the plane from Melbourne to Hong Kong.

Prejudices of mine refuted on the way here: "The Ural Mountains don't actually in fact exist." Go far enough north, and there they are: a rock solid line separating Asia and Europe.

Prejudices still to be satisfactorily substantiated: "Finnish people are tools when on aeroplanes". The guy next to me was a tool, but I think he was Russian.

Matt and I are in Helsinki, it's 18 degrees, overcast, and infernally humid. And, at 7pm it is still very bright outside. We shall go and find foods. Maybe it will be fancy.