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September 19th, 2008

It's just as well I wrote most of this yesterday because today I feel like I am going to die. If you want to artificially put yourself in the state it took me many hours to achieve last night, I suggest this product. It's been years since I've done this to myself this badly.

On Wednesday, those of us currently in town went to Luciano's house in Belluno, about an hour from Padova by train. This was our conference excursion. It was indeed a lovely day.

Bob is in town, but his phone does not work. This is proving challenging. But now, all forces are aligned and shall move off to Roma tomorrow morning.

In the spirit of throwing my hat into the ring, I've applied for a job in at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Dave Curtin (for those who don't know, a mate doing his PhD in New York State) is already plotting for us to stumble drunkenly through the streets wearing ponchos and sombreros while clutching tequila bottles (the last bit is unappealing today), and Father and I are already plotting which cars I will buy. So far, this is the fore-runner and clearly the only replacement for the dearly departed Statesman. Father has also noted my tendency to pick up culinary skills from my lady friends, so a potential move to Mexico fits his tastes just fine.

My random contemplation of the day is the following. I'm not sure who is more obnoxiously happy: Ella Fitzgerald or Peggy Lee. Ella is obnoxiously happy in every song, and while Peggy can wield the blackest of black brutality like few others, she can also far outstrip Ella in saccharin when she wants to.

And, as a final note, how the frikking frik did Diary of the Dead come out in February and I entirely missed it? How the bloody hell did that happen? What the hell was I doing in February that was that important?

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