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December 10th, 2009

Cucarachas enojadas

I was waiting to craft these (yes, these) communiques after I was through it, but now I know I will never be through it. After I've been out of this country for years, they will still be sending it to me and demanding obscure and senseless examples of it from me. I refer, of course, to idiotic bureaucratic paper work.

It's like Italy, but the bureaucratic machine is larger, slower, more convoluted, and importantly, taken seriously; without let, short-cut, or circumvent.

I am quite certain, without any hyperbole, that a contributing factor of this country's borderline 'developing' (such a weaselishly misleading term) fiscal status is that a large percentage I dare not even put a figure on are pushing pointless pieces of paper around rather than adding to GDP, hindering the half that are struggling to add to GDP. With around 40% of urban jobs in the 'informal economy' (cash in hand likely less painful than how I imagine the tax system to be), this leaves ~60 - (pencil-pusher)% both doing useful work and paying taxes. I now understand why the pavements are buggered beyond the security of not falling into a hole.

If in some countries one is a number, not a person, here you are a filing cabinet of numbers. Every new action you wish to take, you need to apply to some sod for a new number. It has been described as both surreal (I concur) and Kafkaesque (but as no-one appears to have turned into a depressed cockroach, I will file that as another pretentious usage).

In the pieces to follow (which will be interspersed with more interesting fare; holidays adventures from mañana!), I will detail the trauma of getting a visa, passing immigration, registering a visa, getting a bank account, getting multiple employee identification cards, getting a mobile phone, obtaining basic necessities to execute one's duties as an employee, getting your salary released, and any other process I'm buffeted through in the interim. You will read words such as 'stupid', 'pointless', 'exasperating', 'pointless', 'idiotic', 'left waiting for half an hour', 'loathing', and 'frikfrikfrik'.

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