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Pour myself a cup of ambition

Okay, so I stole this title from Lila's honours talk, but as she stole it from the same place I stole the last entry's title from, all is good.

It took a cup of ambition to walk the 1.5 km to the bus stop today. It may be lovely and sunny outside, but factoring in wind chill, it's -32oC. Tonight, it's supposed to get down to -41 including wind. First, the cold makes your nose run, then the snot freezes in your nostrils. There is ice in your beard. Your eyes are the only part of your body exposed, and the bones of the sockets ache. Doing anything fiddly, like getting out your bus ticket, requires taking off one gloves and after 15 seconds your fingers are in pain.

Paul's tips for walking in snow:

1. Don't

If one cannot heed #1 for whatever reason, the following may help:

2. Don't walk on fresh snow. It will tire you out like walking over sand dunes.
3. Don't walk on snow lots of people have walked on. It is now almost all ice & you will slip and either do a little dance or fall on yer arse.
4. Don't walk were there is no snow. There was snow, and it is now ice you can't see. Same results as above.
5. Walk where some people have walked and the snow has only slightly compacted.

Anyways, Winnipeg is awesome. There are are restaurants and delis for every possible cuisine you can think of (even Australian, whatever that means). I've found the large jazz scene already, which ranges from students from Uni Manitoba at local working
class pubs to guest artists from NYC in concert halls. Next month they have a 'new music' festival for which tickets to the whole 2 week season cost about AU$20, I think. They have much to offer in wines and I'm going to get my hands on a bottle of 'ice wine' soon. To top it off, everything is walking distance from my house. The people here are incredibly friendly, and apparently this is an acknowledged phenomenon of Winnipeg. I spent hours talking to a mathematician, Will, I randomly sat next to in the cafeteria a couple of days ago and the science librarian, Bill, has bent over backwards to point out local activities and places. Now that I am a president-in-exile, I will soon be meeting the president of the local postgrad physics association.

Photos will be up tomorrow. I think the people in the camera shop saw me coming, but I figure if you don't regret any items purchased in a splurge the next day then they were good purchases. I probably didn't need a waterproof camera or a memory card that big, but it is snowing here and I did run out of memory when I was in St. Basil's last year, so meh.

One last thing: after much observational linguistic research, I have determined that Canadians may not say 'about', but it's more 'aboat' than 'aboot' ;)


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Jan. 12th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
australian cuisine you say......:o|
Jan. 15th, 2007 02:48 am (UTC)
Never too cold
Obviously I've never been subject to such extremes, but being a cold weather fanatic I very much envy the position you're in. My attitude probably would change given exposure to the actual situation, but y'know. Grass, other side, greener.

What's 'Ice Wine'?
Jan. 15th, 2007 05:43 am (UTC)
Re: Never too cold
I do love the cold and hate the heat, but it's just a pain in the backside preparing to go out, and lack of preparation leads to great discomfort. That said, I prefer -40 to +40.

Ice wine is where the grapes freeze, either by being purposely left on the vine for longer, which is risky for a host of reasons, or by artificial processes. Either way, it's not cheap as a result: about $50 for a 1/2 size bottle. The water freezes but the sugars and alcohol don't and are extracted. It makes for a sweet, but not sickly dessert wine. It's lovely.
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