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I'm settling into Padova, and work is slowly rolling on, with some important but dull adjustments made to my project. Padova is the first city I've lived in for any period outside of Melbourne, and the first to which I have returned. Little things trigger memories, small fixtures at my hotel, television station jingles, an irregular piece of pavement.

I yesterday secured my copy of Fascisti su Marti, a film I always meant to buy last time but neglected to do so. Interestingly, one cannot get it in molto Italian Melbourne. Their relationship to the past seems to be more troubled than that of the home country.

Canadian supervisor Juris has arrived in town, and today we went to Venice. I failed last time to visit (or even know anything about) the Doge's Palace, and thus this was rectified today, with one important exception; I was thrilled to find the palace houses several works by Hieronymus Bosch and his school, and I have never seen any of his works first hand, but I was distraught to find a piece I had carefully studied in Year 12, a Hell panel, is in the collection but is away for restoration. Curses! CURSES!

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