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About this time a year ago...

So, September 15. This was my first day back in Melbourne last year. Of greater significance, this day is Cousin's birthday. Happy 30th Jodie!

Since I was here last year, the Mayor of Padova, whom some may remember from my previous stay, has been busy. As a result the city is noticeably more pleasant; the previously ubiquitous drug dealers have been banished to parts unknown, the guys hawking knock-off glasses and handbags have gone and signs telling them to get lost have taken their place, and Juris reports that his morning run does not include the game 'dodge the sharp'. However, the hookers are still about. Poor mayor.

While Roberto's pizzeria is gone, it turns out he has opened up a bar in the very centre of town. There's more cash in supplying the hordes of uni students with spritz. Good news indeed.

One of the unfortunate effects of living anywhere for one time is that one starts to notice irritations. So, here is an incomplete list. Frikking 'calcio'; I give as little a damn about soccer as AFL, but I concede that at least here they don't seem to give the microphone to the apes to repeat the same cliched garbage their coach drums into them: “We're gonna give it 110%, it's a big noiyt for us (why can't AFL players say 'night' properly?), it's good for the club”. But still, calcio everywhere. The opening hours of shops. So the Italian economy is taking a down-turn. Here's a tip: if a person didn't need a notebook detailing at what times and on which days each shop is open, people could buy things. Middle aged Italian men who need to grow up. While this feels like treachery to the gender, if you are 55 and having a full tantrum on the street about some trivial matter, you might just be an idiot. Now that I've written this, all over Italy, women are at this moment standing and applauding, but they aren't sure why. Italians being unable to leave the house without looking like preened peacocks, and derisively assessing those who don't. Truthfully, this one doesn't worry me so much as I'm blind to it until someone points it out, being set in the optimal jeans-tshirt-beard mode (and the beard experiment of the moment is The Full Bushman, and I'm liking the results) but more than one Anglo-Saxon has now moaned bitterly to me about this. I need not mention Trenitalia again. Matt has words to say on that front now, and so the baton is passed.


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Sep. 16th, 2008 08:55 am (UTC)
Love the beard!
My Dear Nephew,

A delight to read your witty journal once again, must say even the inebriated writings were entertaining if not always understandable.

I notice your lament on time disappearing before PHD is finished. Perhaps there is some amazing discovery brewing in your subconscious (other than beer) that will come in a burst of genius and slay the world with your brilliance! And no doubt your experiences will add richness and texture to your work.

Thank you for the walk down memory lane in Firenze - we had the most wonderful time there and wholeheartedly concur with your assessment of the Duomo - I too climbed to the top which was no mean feat consiering my fear of heights!! I am so glad I did, it is a sight I will never forget, the beauty of the exquisite art on the inside and the magnificence of the city from outside.

I also loved Venice but haven't had the pleasure of seeing Padova yet - there is still time :-).

Bye for now,
Much Love,
Auntie xxoo
Sep. 16th, 2008 09:05 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks for the shout-out, P. :)


It was a good day but yeah nah mate, at the end of the day all ya can do is give it 110% but yeah nah you've just gotta think outside the square and give it your all and do ya best for the team yeah nah.
Sep. 16th, 2008 02:35 pm (UTC)
Acaws th lads are disapownted but ya know we'll turn up ta th grownd on Mondee and give it 110%. We'll use this to go inta siege mode and hopefully the club can pressure th young laydi in question inta dropping th charges.
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