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I bought Nero his very first fiddle.

In my initial salvo of informative shelling, there are two elements of the previous Padovan post that need amendment. Firstly, it turns out that Diary of the Dead has not been released in Australia, so my distress was premature. Secondly, further assessment has found the mayor of Padova has only cleaned up the city during daylight hours; it seems one young fellow assessed me as the type to buy cocaine in the wee hours of one night. The following night, Kenneth noted the Caribinierri vigorously emptying the pockets of this cad.

We have now been in Roma for two full days, and are staying in a bizarre but serviceable blend of hostel and caravan park. As I type, a young German couple appear to be fornicating on the bonnet of a car out the front of our cabin. Nice. The first day was spent following our investigating feet across the north of the city, taking in Dioclezian’s Baths (headless statues without doodles), a random excavation that houses 350 desexed, medically treated ‘community’ cats (an occasion on which one was pleased not to be accompanied by Crazy Cat Cousin), the Piazza Navona (supposedly awesome fountain obscured by scaffolding), along with the requisite church visits and crossing of the Tiber. In Navona my appeal as a sexy dude was demonstrated by the careful once-over and catcall “Helll-ooooo” of a person of fine taste. Sadly it was a dude, but good to know I am still the stuff. At one point our feet took us past a tower, which upon finding no immediate information about we dismissed as unimportant. Further events revealed that this was the tower Nero stood on. And fiddled. While Rome burnt down. Such is the character of the Eternal City: the density of significant markers is beyond description. In the evening we came back to the hostel and I was reacquainted with my hatred of nightclubs held since I was a young man.

The second day was spent at the Colosseum and Palantine, the second of which destroyed my mind in short order. One would have to go to Greece to find a location that has defined our civilisation more dramatically. On this hill, Romulus and Remus supposedly washed up; Romulus founded Rome; Romulus killed Remus; the tradition of carrying brides across the threshold was established; the concept of a palace was established, and very word stemming from the name; and more history than one could absorb in one day sprawls before you. Below this are the Forums, which took what was left of my mind and blasted it to powder.


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Sep. 23rd, 2008 01:07 pm (UTC)
Your passion for history, the appreciation you have for the relics and ruins and then the way you communicate it is really awesome. It makes me wish I was there so I could see first hand how excited you get over this stuff!

Btw, 2 Birds 1 Cup photo. Love it.
Sep. 24th, 2008 08:10 pm (UTC)
Heh. We did expect you might like it.
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