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Heading from Salerno for Rome, we stopped off at Amalfi for a beach day, having been thwarted by rain for days. Then, back to Rome. We met a human rights lawyer from New Dehli who was in Italy for a meeting on global food supply. A nameless travel companion decided this was the man to complain to regarding how hard done by we youth from first world countries are, having to travel Europe on a currency that is only worth half the Euro. Did you know my eyes can actually fire daggers? *Twitch*

There's not much else to say really. I did some final work things in Rome, slept at the airport, lost and then recovered a bag at the airport, caught two planes, tested how much booze Cathay Pacific would give me (enough for me to spill the last one over myself), got hassled by customs in Melbourne, got my flake (I never eat it but then I miss it once it's gone) and slept for twelve hours.

And with that, this weblog goes dormant 'til I get out again. In the comments one will find the list of songs used as titles for the posts in this trip, and the photos for Campania (the region where the last bits happened) are now up.

Now to see all your lovely faces.


Oct. 8th, 2008 08:36 pm (UTC)
Indeed. I'll give you a buzz forthwith.

As for your last comment I forgot to answer, what I'd be doing at the Mexico gig is pretty open ended. They asked me for a research proposal, which is fairly unusual, and gives some scope.

The station was pretty cool actually. There is a photo up.

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