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South bound again

I have returned to being departed, having fought of the urge in the intervening weeks to turn this from a travel log into just another unfocused, self-published internets rant-fest. It's powerfully addictive, having a quasi-public-but-in-practice-not-widely-circulated outlet in which to be petty. But, I have persevered. These entries are, I do suppose, for those who have the RSS set up, those who too regularly check dormant websites, or those five or six people who know I've gone to New Zealand.

I've gone to New Zealand.

And I take the failure of passport control to stamp me in as testament to Australian passports being considered as not foreign, and thus admission that this is just another state. Indeed, my internal setting has not quite flicked fully into international mode, with the interesting effect that the hillside town out the car window, while all the time looking like a Strayan country town, also looks reminiscent of a South African town, then a Mongol desert scene, then an Italian hill town. International roaming of the brain.

I have a conference in Queenstown, at which I am to present the work of the last year and a half. Having a conference in which all the world's nuclear physicists descend on New Zealand, with its groovy funky ban on all things n-word is quite amusing. Unless it's a trap. However, I've taken time to visit Auntie and Anders in Christchurch for a couple of days. It is a lovely town, but I need to have shower now, so I will describe it later.


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Dec. 1st, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)
I look forward to more of your eloquent writings of travel!

Will we see some relating to a certain taco-producing state soon?
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