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¿Cuánto quiere ese coyote?

I am going to be milking that song for titles until there's nothing left to squeeze out. Here's a link to the clip, but be warned, it's not for those offended by the filthy language or \m/.THE METAL.\m/

Mexico is proving difficult to write about. I think this is due to the different nature of my purpose here; as a tourist, there is an urgency in recording your observations, and a convenient structure: I did this, then I saw that. No matter how random and chaotic one attempts to make their day, there is still an chronology of concentrated experiences.

However, living somewhere, and knowing that, and spending half of every day at work, things bleed into an unexciting patina, with occasional disjointed events and observations, that don’t tie into a compelling narrative.

So, here is a weeks worth of these observations.

The UNAM campus where I work is built on volcanic rock, with exposed piles of the same in which tarantulas live. I haven’t seen one yet, but apparently when there aren’t large crowds around they are seen walking across the paths, doing their own thing. There are also apparently scorpions in one of the libraries. I would say that too many people have told me these stories for them to be untrue, but, hoop-snakes.

The food deserves its own post, and I shall write one of appropriate size once the inevitable happens, and I get sick from street food. Apparently there are just various bugs that the locals have, and are immune to the effects of, that when combined with questionable (I had to explain the word ‘dodgy’ to a local yesterday, but I digress) hygiene of all but upper class restaurants, is going to put me out of action for a few days. Then, I will come back, superior in immunity than I am now. It has already been noted that I’m doing better than most; both myself and a fellow post doc have eaten twice at a torta (the next wanky Melbourne word for Panini [sic, should be o] to be sure) place on campus called, probably with more honesty than irony, Dirty Harry’s. He was intensely sick both times, and on both of my occasions, I’ve come up roses. As much as one can plan these things, I intend to eat something dodgy while my boss is away in a few weeks, and get it over with. While this seems like a bizarre outlook, one misses far more by trying to stay well than trying the food; much like the famous dodgy dumpling house at home.

The air is actually fine. Efforts to clean it up have apparently worked. The altitude becomes obvious when I try to both walk and talk.

The other day I accidentally tried to get onto the ladies only train carriage. The Metro here deserves its own post, and anyone tied to Melbourne’s system their own Gulag for the fraud they perpetrate against us.

Mexico has developed its own Death Cult. It’s fairly mainstream, with altars numerous in the market district. The government has denied it official recognition and tax breaks, but seems to be doing okay. I will try to get what photos I can, but it is advisable to use discretion in such an endeavour; the cult isn’t exactly wholesome, as I understand it. It should be noted that this is different to Dia de los Muertos.

“Cinco pesos! Cinco pesos!” – the most beautiful, musical sound, and, the cost of anything you will buy on a Metro carriage.

It seems Mexico isn’t so difficult to write about after all. In the interests of brevity, I might leave it there and resume with all the rest I have written and have to write in a couple of days.


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Oct. 26th, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
I'll take that d-train to Brighton beach
It sounds like you're settling in and becoming accustomed to the vagaries of Mexico City. It's good to hear that the air is clear and keep the metal references coming ;)

I'm already looking forward to hearing of the Mexican Metro and the female-only carriages -- a concept I see as having no chance of being realised here in Melbourne. And, of course, I'll be interested to see any photographic evidence that you can snare of this death cult.

Happy eating,
Dr Bob
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