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I turned your picture to the wall

New pictures grace the gallery pages as promised.

It was -47 today including wind chill. Schools were closed, buses cancelled. I wisely neglected to go to uni. Instead, I mooched around the house and watched some guy who thought it was 1974 do this incredible painting in half an hour and talk about where trees and rocks want to live. Blessed be American PBS.


Jan. 14th, 2007 07:49 am (UTC)
What about the ladies?
Hey Paul,

It's Mark! Hope you're well - you sound like you are! I've caught up with your adventures and have noticed a glaring omission - the chicks! Are Canadian college girls hot? Y'know lil' snow bunnies?

The NHL team left Winnipeg years ago for Carolina (I believe), but are you planning to catch a local game?

My geography is crap; can you post a brief note letting all your humble viewers (readers?) know how far you are from other Canadian towns?

Take care, mate and I'll have a drink for you on Australia Day! Oi!
Jan. 14th, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
Re: What about the ladies?
Hey Marky mark,

Sadly, haven't met many ladies in my week here. I think it's hard to gauge the attractiveness of the girls under all the bulky cold weather gear.
I hadn't really thought about the football. It's really in the background as everyone here is too obsessed with ice hockey, to the point that it's on one of their bank notes.

Winnipeg is about half way between the Atlantic and Pacific, and about 150 km north of the US border. It's 1208 km to Calgary to the west, 1518 km to Toronto and 1680 to Ottawa in the east. It's 14,993 km from Melbourne.

Speaking of all things Australian, some unscrupulous customs guy pinched the key ring you gave me. It was tied to the ribbon on top ofmy bag and when I got to Canada I found the ring had been pried open and left there, with the flag bit gone.

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