paulfraser (paulfraser) wrote,

The snow is really piling up outside

Leaving the house in the mornings is getting easier, but it's still a pain. Falling on one's backside is getting annoying. The local Indian restaurant has bad naan. Whinge whinge whinge. At least it isn't +40. Heh, sucked in Melbourne.

There isn't much to say really. I've fallen into a routine here and haven't yet met enough people for huge social adventures. Winnipeg is a nice city but not unlike Australian cities, and the cold and lack of car discourages much long range exploration.

In fact, Canada is very much the same as Australia: the histories are very similar, the political structure and discourse are very similar, the social structure, composition and problems much the same. The only major differences seem to be the accent, the weather and the design of houses (which seems to be unique to every country I've been to), as well as the angst over Quebec.
It seems strange there isn't a stronger relationship between the two countries. It doesn't feel very 'foreign' here.

Amusingly, if you take the student newspaper here, The Manitoban, and change the words 'Harper' to 'Howard', 'tuition fees' to 'HECS', 'Manitoba' to 'Melbourne' and 'province' to 'state', you would think you were reading the Melbourne equivalent, Farrago. The student union name needn't change either: UMSU in both cases.

Oh, Brit Count: 3.5 (As the northern Irish are in the UK, I count this one.)
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