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Luckily, these problems are easily overcome. For title problem #2, if one goes out, grabs a handful of fresh, white snow and squeezes the begeezus out of it, one has an ice cube. There is probably some validity to the idea that a sealed box outside would be more efficient and less greenhouse nasty as a freezer.

The experience of living in a new city, as opposed to doing a whirl-wind tour of one, especially one as similar to home and untouristy as Winterpeg, seems to be in finding the little things. Finding the second hand CD store has solved title problem #1. It was here is discovered that Canada has GST and PST (Provincial Sales Tax), but neither of these are included in the label price of goods. One needs to mentally add about 15% for tax and then convert to Australian dollars to understand the value of things.

Today I caught the bus to the nearest cinema to see "The Good German" (I will hold off on my rant about how Melbourne PT is pathetic compared to most everywhere until later in the trip). I had seen a review for it on the TV last night, and I will take this opportunity to say how nice it was to see a movie review where the media didn't have a multiple-orgasm over the film just because it has one or more Australian actors in it (again, this full rant will have to wait. I believe in several years I will publish my manifesto on why nationalism is stupid). Anyways, the film is average. The onomatopoeia I would use is "meh". I don't what any comments saying that isn't an onomatopoeia; it IS the sound of apathy. It was good visually but the plot is pretty dull.

Non-physics types will need to excuse my segue into 'in' topics for the next 2 paragraphs.
On Friday I went to the U Manitoba physics colloquium. I must say, I now acutely understand the purpose of being a traveling scholar. It is indescribably refreshing to hear about physics that in new to me, rather than topics I have seen 20 presentations on. Negative positronium ions! Mana from above! Not to take away from the Melbourne program, but the joy of fresh ground! I'm sure the cleaner has been present often enough that he could have a decent go at speaking on the Kane architecture. Maybe this jaded attitude is just the bitter fruit of not being one of those people who only has the time to attend presentations from their own group.

Also this week I went to the restaurant Juris' son runs, called Bistros 7 1/4. It, of course, brought to my mind that most exclusive of student hang outs of similar name. Maybe in Melbourne Bistro 7 1/4 is when you eat chips on the way up to alluded venue...


Jan. 25th, 2007 11:29 am (UTC)
Negative positronium ions? So that's what they're calling it these days...
Hey boss, how ya doin?

It took me three weeks and lots of keyboard thumping to figure out that I was typing in the wrong address looking for your site. Doh!

All this talk of sexually confused subatomic particles has reminded me that you never got the chance to explain the whole zero-g-in-space-not-boiling-your-blood concept to me (my bad). If you get the time...

Also, please also refer back to my comment regarding the Supernatural car having better acting skills than- oh! oh!! oh!!! it was just in an ad on TV!!!! - than its human co-stars. I WANT that car!

Jan. 26th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC)
Re: Negative positronium ions? So that's what they're calling it these days...
Yeah, but that dude was on Dark Angel, so he will be revered however badly he does. Similarly, Scott Speedman will always be That Guy From Felicity, even if he were to out-Shakespeare Kenneth Branagh, or even play some kind of awesome vampire-werewolf thing.

So, on to the blood thing: blood boils when it experiences a reduced pressure, as it is designed to be liquid at more or less 1 atmosphere of pressure. As boiling is effectively just vigourous evaporation, it can do that at lower temperatures at low pressures because the pressure isn't 'holding' it in liquid form.
In a space ship, they keep the pressure up to about 1 atmosphere by forcing the air into the sealed vessle. So, while the pressure is low outside the ship because the pull of gravity keeps the gases closer to the surface or at that distance the hot enough (and thus fast enough) molecules can escape into space due to the lower gravity (which is why the moon has little atmosphere), this isn't a problem in the ship.
Note that astronauts experience 'no' gravity not because they are too far away from the Earth, but because the ship is accelerating at the same rate they are, but they are falling around the Earth, not to it.
I hope that helps.
Jan. 26th, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)
Yep. I was thinking vaguely along those lines but getting it spelled out slowly and loudly helps my hard-of-thinking-ness. Ta!


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