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I don't worry anymore

I interrupt the the chronological flow of the narrative to relay a small but instructive insight into Mexican life, beofre I forget it.

Today, two men in pool-cleaner type uniforms came into my office and asked to look at my computer. Okay, whatever. I shut it down as asked, then got out of their way, my general policy with workmen. I passed by so often over the next half hour with amusement, bemusement, and lets use the next level, cemusement (I'm sure I've used that before, but anyway) while they used various industrial vacuums and air guns to clean my disassembled computer, my keyboard, and my screen. Then, after doing my, and only my, computer they left.

This sort of thing happens regularly enough, with no real warning or explanation, that I just let it wash over me. Like, also today, my pay apparently increased by 5000 pesos a month (about 5 times inflation). Okay. Any public holiday on a day other than Monday will now be moved to a Monday. Okay.

I think it's partially that because of language differences, no-one bothers telling me, but also, I think this place is just a little surreal. As more spontaneous events occur, I shall pass it on.


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Feb. 16th, 2010 05:46 am (UTC)
Cleaners, eh?
Are you sure cleaners weren't spies for the American government, scouring your hard drive for the confidential data you've smuggled into Mexico? One can never be too sure ...

Dr Bob
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