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Jo Jo left his home in Tuscon, Arizona

because his full name was Jo Jo Menendez, and the police pulled him up, found he had no papers, and sent him back to Tijuana. Meanwhile, Loretta García was found by Mexican police in Chiapas without papers, and sent back to Guatemala, slightly more beaten than Jo Jo.

For a visual indication of what the Mexicans think of the Arizona laws, see the newest entry to the Mexico D.F. gallery. Also in the same, the new public service campaign to halt the spread of HIV (well, half public service, half advertising campaign by Dr. Simi, who seems to be half corporation, half NGO). No Grim Reapers for Mexico, no; here it is all Pavlovian conditioning: sexy woman, condoms. Sexy woman condoms. Sexy. Condoms. Sexy condoms. Condoms are sexy. And, that young lady seems to have an inexhaustible catalogue of lacey garments. While certain folk may believe this sexist, or against their Book, this I expect is a very effective technique and a realist would say no-one should die for someone else's beliefs.

Yesterday, I received an email early in the afternoon offering anyone who finds the money someone's spare one-way ticket to see Sir Paul playing, so I didn't get to bed last night until late. As this was a stadium gig (and thus at the gate they were searching everyone), I was witness to the Mexican Wave in Mexico. What I'd love to tell you all is that, as with when I fronted to Europe and starting talking of European wasps and was looked at funny, I learnt that here it is simply 'The Wave', and they don't let me down as is indeed Mexican in origin (even if Tabasco sauce isn't from Tabasco). It was started as a promotion to make people shoot Coca-Cola. Something else the Mexicans do which is unique (according to Sir Paul) in this ever-changing world is to flash their lighters in time to a song if it's got a back beat, and you could visually track the speed of sound as it crossed that room and reaches people further from the stage. The gig went for three hours, initially a little Beatles to a lot of Wings and later stuff, but by the end, when it starts to rain and it was a little colder, he let it be and it was all 60s stuff. I've put the set list in the comments if you'd all love to see the plan.

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