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My wave

As I've said before, one of the better perks of this job is to travel for conferences. Every 3 years, the largest of all nuclear conference, in INPC, is held somewhere nice. This year it was Vancouver. So, using my 'self-funded' status as leverage to spend a few days before hand absent from work, I flew north.

While I could go on my default rant about things that annoy me in Australia, it is sufficient to say that Canadians are just better Australians. With one exception. As in Winnipeg, when one approaches an intersection on foot, one finds a Canadian driver there, just waiting for the chance to let someone go past. They love it. You even look like going near an intersection, and they will stop and wave you past. They will stop when, before you get to the intersection, they could fit their car through, then a road train, then a camel team, then a clown on a unicycle (which is redundant: all people on unicycles are clowns), then a family of ducks, and then an Indian wedding. Worse is when two cars arrive as you hit the intersection; it becomes a waving-through fest.

Anyways, my first day there I went down to Stanley Park, a huge peninsula (10% bigger than Central Park in NY, don't you know) set aside as a public park, and in near-natural state. Hiring a bike and riding around, one finds lots of things to see. The park is home to a selection of totem poles, which it turns out are not actually worshiped, cannot be read like books, but do sometimes have the remains of a chief boxed in at the top for a short while so they can be closer to the gods. There is also a finger of rock, topped with a tenacious but stunted tree, emerging from the ocean called Siwash Rock. The story of the natives goes that this one unselfish guy called Siwash was turned into stone by one of the gods as reward for being unselfish. The moral, I guess, is to be a selfish tool or be turned to stone (?).

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