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Hungry like the wolf

Conferences have excursion days. Which usually means an afternoon off that costs $300 per person to see something that does not live up to the cost (see my NZ entries), so my new approach, tried out this time, was to rock up a few days early, see things that are of value, and then on excursion day have a nap. The nap is because a conference with 800 people starts at 8am and runs to 9pm.

Conferences also have banquets. These are worth it. Not only for the career-driven schmoozing and climbing, but because the places are good and the hooch provided. This one was at the Museum of Anthropology; totem poles, carved giant wolves bashing and eating four killer whales, canoes, carved house beams, baskets and stuff, and then you walk into another room where it seems the north-western Canadian artifacts appear to be somewhat more plains-Indian in style, and then in the next vaguely Mexican, and then in the next one they look suspiciously like samurai armour. Yep, they stopped being Canadian a few rooms back.

For those of you with a Canadian 20 in their wallet, there is a carving of the origin story of the local men folk in the museum which is represented on that very banknote. It is a giant raven opening a big shell with heaps of naked dudes hiding in it.

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