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Walk this way

Aside from seeing pyramid cities, the greatest perk of travelling is meeting folks from different backgrounds. This is why I love airport bars, aside from their access to alcohol abuse being the only source of anesthesia during a six hour stop over, but that tends to fuel the meeting people bit.

A colleague of mine, my age, just stood in my door way, raised his leg 90 degrees to the floor and stood there and looked at me. I looked at him. I asked him if he was going to the Ministry of Silly Walks. Pavel, however, grew up 'in glorious time of communism' in his country. He knew the Ministry of Bleak Tinned Food Labels, the Ministry of Big Moustaches and Unshaven Faces, and the Ministry of Dejectedly Lining Up, but he did not know the Ministry of Silly Walks. It has always seemed to me that if Coca Cola was the symbol of American culture kept from the East, that Monty Python are the quintessential example of Cold War British culture kept out.

So, with the magic of the internets, the full sketch was shown in short order, and there is now a Czech and Mexican doing silly walks up and down the corridor. Indeed, what Pavel commented on immediately was the part of the sketch with people in bleak clothing dejectedly lining up.

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April 2015
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