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Tell me everything by saying nothing

There are 2 interesting facts, that when taken together cause a situation of surprising stupidity.

If one comes from Country A and wishes to apply for a visa to a place we will call, for no specific reason, Country I, and further more if one is in Country C where C =/= {A,I}, one cannot get a visa from the Consulate of I in C because one does not come from Country C.

If one, being in Country C, tries to get a visa from the Consulate I in A, one will find they cannot because they are not currently in Country A.

Apparently Country I, while steeped in this official BS, used to get on okay because you could always circumvent the rules is some way by calling on connections and having a nice chat, but now that Country I is moving into the, lets say, E Union, where one has to follow the rules, and Country I has not yet made a proper set of rules, there are issues.

That is all I wish to say on that topic at this time, except that I got a diplomatic official from Country I to admit that that penalty kick was a bad call.

My landlady has returned from a month in San Francisco and we are getting on well. In other news, it seems Manitobans, like Siberians, think putting strong beer into large plastic drink bottles is a good idea. It must be something to do with being directly in the middle of a frozen, sparsely populated country.


Feb. 5th, 2007 07:03 pm (UTC)
Re: A series of misfortunate events!
Uncle! Hello!

Yes, I understand it has been very hot there of late, which ruins all motivation for rampage. I think I have tried 7 Canadian beers now, of varying quality.

Say hi to Aunty and Cousins! It is good to hear from you.

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