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Dirty deeds

Eeeeee gad. This I will justify under travel issues as it takes foreign eyes to see something Australians can't see for themselves: Joris has just commented on his journal regarding Australian safety paranoia.

See it here.

My comments on what he has said, also mostly reproduced there, are these:
For the last couple of decades there has been the growing popular belief that not only is a zero-risk environment possible, but more so that it is desirable, regardless of what impact such moves have on lifestyle; in terms of safety versus enjoyment, the scales must seemingly be massively unbalanced in the direction of safety. The individual is not competent to strike this balance themselves, so it must be done for them. There is, in fact, an entire class of managers whose very existence depends on this garbage, not to mention the lawyers and insurance companies. This program is pushed despite the law of diminishing returns with regards to funding - "If we spend an extra 50 million dollars on advertising, the annual nation death toll of blah-blah-blah will go from 114 to 105!". And, Australians being Australians, this is never questioned.

Also, be sure to never let your kid eat dirt or play with filthy dogs! Oh my lordy lord, now Jimmy has an under-developed immune system because I kept him from all pathogens and sprayed him with disinfectant every day, and now he has an allergy that never existed before pressure-pack disinfectant was invented. We best stop everyone from eating that food to which he is allergic.



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Jul. 12th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Agree. Although, we all have at times unconsciousness that we can forgive. Some more than others, perhaps...

In time will change.

Jul. 29th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
It's not my fault!
I swear, we're approaching the utopia where if anything bad happens to you, the immediate reaction is to sue someone (anyone), because there should never be a situation where such an event is possible. It's a complete disregard for personal responsibility and the notion of protecting people from themselves to such a degree is quite disgusting. Bring back survival of the fittest to fuel our evolution as a species, rather than deny it the most deserving of victims and damn ourselves to the muddiest, dankest backwater of the gene pool.

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