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My Cheerios just ain't the same

Bah, until about 5 minutes ago it looked certain that I would be coming home to get an Italian work permit for possibly as long as a month. I visited the honourary Vice Consul in Winnipeg twice, I sent emails to Melbourne, Toronto, Ottawa and New York, I was on the phone to Toronto, I even got my Mum to go to the Melbourne office (which made a lady there send me nasty emails), I made a real pain in the backside of myself, but nooooo joy. You can only get a work permit for Italy from your state of residence. No exceptions. I had tried to put a silver lining on this cloud: there is a nice shirt I left in Melbourne I could collect...

It now seems it may be legally possible to get expenses reimbursed on a tourist visa. This is good enough for me. It means I have to leave Italia after 90 days and re-enter, but this is also good enough for me. I think I will go to Budapest for a few days. Thus, it seems unlikely I will get to come back and see all your smiling faces just yet, but that will save me much money and pain.

I have made friends with a couple here who have a recipe for the legendary Kraft Dinner and who find my bitter annoyance at the word 'cookie' being used for biscuits back home very amusing (how did the term 'Anzac Cookie' ever become acceptable?). However, I feel less obliged to boycott anything with that word on it here. I have found Oreos to be good, but it is slight;y concerning that they contain no animal products what-so-ever. I would postulate this has naught to do with loving the animals and more to do with some slim economic advantage to be gained. Other products unavailable at home but constantly prattled on about in Yanky media I have tried are Cheerios (meh) and Count Chocula (also meh, but with strange marshmellow-like porous things in it).

Now it's time for the Paul Fraser Movie Review!
Pan's Labyrinth: Good stuff.

That is all.


Feb. 9th, 2007 06:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Pests in Buda
Just give me a buzz when you hit Europe. I'm sure we can find an overlap. Do you have dates yet?

Yep, Spanish.

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