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Back in the saddle again

Clearly, there has been a long absence, due to, initially, unenthusiasm, and later having left my photos overseas and not having a new-fangled cloud storage corporate evil thing (anyone who asks me to "Send [them] a message saying why you love [faceless corporation]", and then you see someone send "I love [faceless corporation] because they let me collaborate better and think outside the box!" goes straight into my mental bin labelled "Privacy threat / Open source should do it better"). But, now I return. Unlike Robert Jordan.

This leads to the trouble of remembering back to March 2011, which required me to try and find my guide book, with what I had seen diligently marked, which I could not. Many years of living as a, and let us not fool ourselves, tenuously employed vagabond has scattered my belongings to the wind, and I cannot say for sure what I own and what was left by a dumpster the day before leaving a country. But, we shall stumble through.

The long absence also provides an opportunity of longer-term reflection. In this case, the Guadalajara I will write about from 2011 is not as it is now. As with Veracruz, which I will return to later, as I returned to it earlier, the pace of expansion of the 'narcowar' is such that within less than a year after we visited, Guadalajara has become significantly less pleasant.

So, let us go back to a happier, simpler time.

Matt, Naomi and I are the characters in this drama, and we went, obviously, to Guadalajara for a few days. Naomi feeling ill, Matt and I struck out to the central square - the Plaza de Armas (as many central squares seem to be called in Latin America) - and found the tequila museum, not marked in the books but not hard to find. We heard about how it's made, helped the guide with her questions about how to improve the English in the displays (not something I'm conceited enough to offer, but which I'm happy to do when asked), tried some local food, and then moved on.


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Aug. 9th, 2012 09:39 am (UTC)
I want to feature in your drama again!
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