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What a quaint and happy song

Guadalajara gave the world Mariachi music, which in turn gave the world norteño music. This is the same as how Mike Patton has been accused of inspiring Nu Metal. Most regrettable. In any case, Matt and I sought out the Plaza de Los Mariachis, assuming the mariachis would be playing music. They were not. They were playing cards and getting inebriated, which was even more satisfying. Eventually, a dance show began, during which I heard for the first and last time in Mexico the Mexican Hat Dance; it seems Speedy Gonzalez gave me a simplistic impression of Mexico. How surprising. In any case, we tried on the large sombreros (which just means 'hat', really) and made touristic tits of ourselves.

Nae, now over the stomach bug that had hamstrung her (hang on... that is a vertically confused stomach bug) went with us to Lago de Chapala, on which is Isla de los Alecranes, or Scorpion Island, which is sadly not as awesome as its name suggests. Apparently someone once thought that it is shaped like a scorpion. Still, it was a nice day with water and boats and whatnot.

Oi vey, this is hard work, going by only photos, the memory of a brain that is over 30, and an unmarked guidebook (normally I cross out what I've done, but the copy I did that in got left in a bin on my way out, along with about 15 kilos of other stuff I spitefully threw out so my stingy landlady didn't inherit it).

That evening we went to Birrería las Nueve Esquinas (Beer hall of the nine corners) for goat stew. It had some exremely fine Salsa Verde, simply 'green sauce', which I do not think I have mentioned yet in this journal. Green sauce is made of green tomatoes and chillis, and is the best kept secret of Mexican food. Many a 'Mexican food' section of a Melbourne supermarket has been haunted by my forlorn, disappointed countenance in months gone by. I might just have to remove my digit and make the damn stuff.

According to the photos, we also toyed with getting Naomi the suit which is the height of fashion amongst women in central Mexico – the suit which allows good Catholic girls to show off their boobies by having a little grey vest that squeezes in the waist and is cut to go under the bust of a white shirt, and flaunts the goods shamefully and shamelessly at once, with no skin on show. Hmm, now I'm sad we didn't buy one.


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Aug. 31st, 2012 03:30 am (UTC)
Lack of imagination
Perhaps too now I am also sad that I've so deprived myself of imagination that I spent 10-15 minutes on Google images trying to find this aforementioned fashion style - unsuccessfully, I should note. I guess it's time which I'll never get back.
Sep. 5th, 2012 04:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Lack of imagination
Well, looking up 'Mexican dress' and any words describing the fashion brings up plenty of pictures worth looking at anyways.

I just checked my photos, and I don't have any of this phenomenon. I did know a guy in Mexico, however, who constantly used his camera phone to take pictures of girls. I.e., a pervert. I could ask him...
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