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Allow me to break continuity for a moment, as I am back in Italy and I have 2 things to say about Italians that I will otherwise forget.

1) These people have more front than Myers, as they used to say. I have never seen an Italian show any shame, regardless of misdoings. Case in point, this evening I am in a restaurant and go to use the bathroom. The handle turns freely, so I walk in, and find 2 people who have clearly just finished the act of the beast with two backs. I instinctively utter “Whoooaaaa”, turning my head and reeling for the door. The last thing in my field of vision is the girl, having finished pulling her pants up, waving her finger at me and sternly saying “No no no” like I, I dear readers, am the one behaving badly.

2) Advertising here is not the lowest common denominator. One of the larger telecommunications companies, TIM, is currently running an ad where a middle-aged man wearing period costume and a laurel is lost in a dark forest, and another man in period costume appears to help him. The first says something about “Ah, let's go” but the second says “No, I can save you the trouble”, hands him a phone and he speaks to a beautiful lady in a wonderful meadow with trees and gold glowing ambiance and whatnot. Did you get what it was? Don't worry if you didn't – the education regarding literature is not such in Australia that you have much chance.

So, swings and roundabouts. Well-cultured toilet-#$%&ers.


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