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I went down to the crossroads

The next of our tours with the MexiGo company was to Coba, yet another Mayan city, but one where shade was provided by the jungle trees which are not fully cleared. This site is of interest as it has one of the taller, more slender-style pyramids one sees at places like Tikal in Guatemala (which we never got to), and a watchtower at what was once a cross roads. This watchtower was in the up-ended bathtub style of the Sorcerer's Pyramid at Uxmal. Here we first saw the descending bee god we would later see at Tulum.

Of greater interest this day was the cenote of Multum Ha, which, aside from a spiral staircase down to it, and a hole in the ceiling for lighting, is an entirely-enclosed underground chamber. A pier has been constructed from the stairwell to the centre of the chamber, tyre tubes provided and a rope strung across the breadth of the space. The earthen walls are tan and white in colour, and the water a natural blue, due to minerals rather than reflected sky. It is incredibly clear, allowing a crisp view of the stones laying at the bottom and the tunnels heading out in various directions. One also sinks with alarming rapidity – I assumed the pin shape and dropped from my tyre tube a few times and found myself farther underwater than I had been expecting. There, under the water, with the submerged tunnels below, one who has watched as many creature feature films as I have did not find it hard to imagine some prehistoric reptile emerging to take the swimmers above.

Naomi, who is not a strong swimmer, was delighted to be kicking about with her tyre tube, and I believe that day was the most blissful I've ever seen her. Our time in this cenote is a special memory that we will fondly recall for many years. Sadly, the photos of this (which I will eventually, probably in another two years, put up) failed to capture the experience, though this will allow us to remember it as we want to.

Not much could have improved the day for Naomi, but the final item on the itinerary did just that: a trek through the jungle to find monkeys. The spider monkeys which were expected did not make an appearance, though a family of howler monkeys fronted up and made it known why they are named as they are; fighting possums or cats would be deeply ashamed in the presence of these creatures.

Thus, we left Valladolid and headed to the touristic hell of Playa del Carmen, collecting a recurring character in my many global adventures.

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