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There's a city on my mind

I wrote a lovely entry about Tulum, but bloody NoScript and Livejournal conspired to eat it. I hate you NoScript, I hate you. I curse the day you were put on my computer, even if you have twice saved me from malware.

I hate you.

So, a précis:

- Tulum is a post-Classic Maya city.

- The post-Classic era was akin to the Dark Ages in Europe.

- The Classic era civilisation is believed to have collapsed due to, in part, over-exploitation of resources and withholding of education from all but the priestly upper class.

- People can put that in their cultural-guilt back-to-nature-myth pipe and smoke it.

-Tulum is on the edge of cliffs that shelter a cove containing a beautiful beach.

- Tulum has beautiful stucco which is preserved by roping-off all buildings owing to hoards of tourist from Cancun.

- These include the descending honey bee god, and building corners with faces, where one side of the face is either side of the corner.

- It was stupidly hot the day Nae, Mother, Dave and I were there. It was too hot to concentrate.

- Nae went into the water for a wade.

- It was awesome but don't go when the weather is too hot.

- Screw you, NoScript.


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