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People, you, as I was, are living under the false assumption that the most awesome creature on this planet is the spider. You have been, as I was, living in ignorance of the amblypygi.

Voyage with me as I abandon eloquent prose in favour of enthusiasm. This is an arachnid that decided only weaklings need poison and to set traps, and real heroes beat things with their spiky arm things. So, they shunned web spinners, evolved their puny spider antennae things into nasty bommyknockers, and then, being without feelers, grew one pair of legs to be uber long and feelery. The kind I saw had a long span indeed, around half a metre.

Dave, Nae, Mother and I went into an underground restaurant made from part of the cave system under Playa del Carmen, which is, in itself, awesome sauce, and being that it is a cave system they don't really seal sections, they just occupy and light to a point, leaving tunnels diverging outwards. Coming in from these tunnels are amblypygi, and they just sit on the tunnel face and exude championess.

This discovery came after Dave and I had purchased straw sombreros and brightly coloured ponchos and headed out onto the end of a long and abandoned pier that jutted into the Carribean Sea, so our foolish Mexican stereotyping would not annoy the locals. We need not have worried, as our faux fist fighting dressed as banditos attracted cheers of appreciation from passing speedboats filled with locals.

These last experiences, along with finding the water to be extremely warm for swimming late into the night, salvaged the experience of Playa del Carmen, though I don't know that I'd return.

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