paulfraser (paulfraser) wrote,

Buffalo soldier

The conference went well, as did my presentation (though as usual, I had the usual stomach pain afterwards reminiscent of a punch to the gut. Eh, nerves). It is possible we have picked up new experimentalist collaborators in Vancouver at a radioactive beam facility, which is very exciting. I learnt quite al lot about nuclear as well as particle physics during the talks, so overall it was a great success.

The afternoons were free for whatever activities, so yesterday I hiked up to the top of Tunnel Mountain; one day I will learn and buy snow shoes; and today I met up with a familiar face in the town of Banff who has a conference in Lake Louise 60km away (see gallery). Highlights were the consumption of cold-cut bison (like pork or fatty beef) and buffalo (smoked so tasting of salami).
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