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Buffalo soldier

The conference went well, as did my presentation (though as usual, I had the usual stomach pain afterwards reminiscent of a punch to the gut. Eh, nerves). It is possible we have picked up new experimentalist collaborators in Vancouver at a radioactive beam facility, which is very exciting. I learnt quite al lot about nuclear as well as particle physics during the talks, so overall it was a great success.

The afternoons were free for whatever activities, so yesterday I hiked up to the top of Tunnel Mountain; one day I will learn and buy snow shoes; and today I met up with a familiar face in the town of Banff who has a conference in Lake Louise 60km away (see gallery). Highlights were the consumption of cold-cut bison (like pork or fatty beef) and buffalo (smoked so tasting of salami).


Feb. 23rd, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey Paul!
Awesome! can you send me pictures? I think I gave you my email address...

I can see Marky saying some crash joke about sand in the underpants with that patented lecherous wolf-face we all love so much.

Enjoy your piffing.

And Mum, if you are reading this, that's exactly what I'm doing with all that ugly serving paraphernalia you are hoarding as soon as you and Dad kick the bucket (hopefully in 50 years, of course).

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