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It has started to thaw here! It will get to -1 today! This, however, means there is lots of slush about.

I always figured that getting to North America, I could catch all those (admittedly low-brow) bands that rarely or never play at home. I could, but they all play after I leave on the 5th of next month. Down, Dave Mustaine and 1/2 of Sabbath play Winnipeg on 18/3, Meatloaf on the 11/3, Dr. Hook start a Canadian tour on 5/4. I can, however, catch Aerosmith in Europe.

Speaking of Dr. Hook, I seem to remember some years ago Daniel Pyke did an article for the PSS magazine Perturbation of celebrity look alikes to academics in the physics building. He had Ken Amos and Ronnie Barker, Girish Joshi as The Count from Sesame Street, Max Thomson and some-guy-from-some-computer-game and Chris Chantler and some-guy-from-the-HSP-department. Those last 2 were a little abstract, Dan, so I offer this current photo of Ray Sawyer from Dr. Hook for someone else in the department...

I assure that person that I'll shout them another beer on my return for taking the piss out of them. By now I must owe him a keg.

In other North American news, it turns out that this mysterious root beer stuff we always hear about due to cultural imperialism is very similar too, if not the same as sarsaparilla. Well, there ya go.


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Mar. 1st, 2007 03:53 am (UTC)

Also, I think Sarsaparilla is the 'root' that root beer is made from. Update: According to this it is, though for its foaming and not flavorful properties. Fascinating!
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