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She's been living in her Uptown World.

OR: I'm in a New York state of mind.

You fall into the flow of this city almost seamlessly. The language and pace just fall into place. New York is indescribably massive. I keep looking at the skyline, mentally partitioning off a small portion and saying "that's Melbourne". I understand how people can live their whole lives without ever leaving Manhattan Island; that famous cartoon from the New Yorker is entirely apt.

On the first day here I went to the Metro Museum of Art in Central Park. It was stunning, but there was too much. By the end I was just skimming, but by that point that was probably okay as I was up to the 50,000 medieval Jesus' and the 50,000 George Washingtons. I then walked aimlessly through the park for a couple of hours. It is teeming with squirrels and racoons and ducks, and in places one is so isolated that you have no clue that you are in such a giant city.

David Curtin and his girlfriend Jackie have been here for 2 nights, and every day we venture out from out upper west side base to check out the city. Yesterday we went to Canal St. for shopping and an incredibly cheap, good lunch; met another of Davids friends, Karl, and went through Washington Square Park and Union Square; then we generally wandered around the lower east side for hours; got some 'slices' with one of Jackie's friends Lawrence (who was a unique New Yorker who wore an armoured trench coat filled with shavers, stain remover pens, disinfectant, communications equipment and anything else anyone would ever need); and eventually ended up in the Village in a bar called The Bitter End. The Village is one of the most lively, comfortable, charming places I have ever seen. After that, we caught the wrong train at 2am and ended up in Queens, and then caught the wrong train again and ended up in Harlem at 3am. It was a big day.

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