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London calling to the zombies of death

I, in this case am the zombie of death. I am only conscious by the bearest threat. Need sleep.

However, I am in London. The new flight went without any hiccup more serious than a 15 minute delay, my hotle reservation was cancelled but I rebooked, there were no issues at customs & I even got my bags.

As soon as I can properly check into the hotel (room not ready yet) I will sleep for like forever.


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Mar. 18th, 2007 09:27 pm (UTC)
Well enjoy your sleep and a happy ST paddy's day to you. Hugs ann
Mar. 20th, 2007 09:25 am (UTC)
Hope London treats you better......
Hey Paul!!!

Sorry for not being in touch recently! Here are some of my excuses...forgive me if you can!

Been flat out with work...I'm not taking holidays again! Take a week off and you come back to 3 weeks of stuff! I feel like I live there!!! (Mark and bought sleeping bags recently...thinking of keeping one at work!!)

My great aunt came out from Wales a few weeks ago (hense the time off). I spent a bit of time being a tourist in Melbourne. I even got to go on a TRAM!!!

Still trying to sell Bill's place. No bites that I know of yet. Hopefully it will be soon. Sick of gardening!!

I got my tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in August. It's my birthday present! We are going on the 18th - day before my birthday! I can't wait!!!

I borrowed mum's clippers to clip the dogs back. Needless to say, Merlin and Rommie were not too happy about it. Couldn't keep them still! Ended up chasing them around the backyard! Not impressed :(

Footy season starts next Friday!!!! Mark and I are in the process of researching and building our teams for this years footy competions. We are involved in two this year. The Herald Sun's "Super Coach" and this other one a guy at Mark's work does called "The Dream Team". I will be on the computer more frequently from now on so i'll have no excuses to not check you log!

I hope everything in London runs smoother for you. Keep an eye out for ex-Neigbours stars....is it panto season yet?? You might run into Blair of "Big Brother" fame. Or you might catch "Dr Karls" band in a pub!!!

Drink plenty of British ale, try and have afternoon tea with the Queen and see if you can swipe me a tiara from the place where they keep the Crown Jewels!!!

Take care!!!


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:16 am (UTC)
Re: Hope London treats you better......
Hmm, it's probably not healthy to sleep at work. They will want you to do stuff from when you wake up til you go to sleep ;)

Sadly, no Neighbours people were to be seen in London. In fact, I didn't see anyone of note. In NY I saw the younger of the 2 aunts in Sabrina.

Oooh Phantom of the Opera. I didn't get to see that one. I saw the Pirate Queen but it was a bit average, story wise.
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