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OR: Well, I wait in Leicester Square with a come-hither look in my eye

OR: And do you think you made the right decision this time?

OR: absolutely anything else from this.

It's been a heavy 3 days. After sleeping Sunday away in the tiniest hotel room I've ever seen (photos to come), Marc and I met up at Paddington Station and went on a quick walk around downtown London, past the London Eye, over Westminster Bridge and past the Houses of Parliament, past Westminster Abbey and then back on the tube. We then went to the Tower of London and had the tour. The Beef Eater was very nice and welcomed me home, asking if I was on holiday or parole. The amount of history in that compound (it's actually 20 towers inside or on 2 walls) is quite impressive. Then, to the pub. Or pubs.

Yesterday, we went to the British Museum to look at all the lovely things the Great Empire righteously took for safe keeping, including the Rosetta Stone and the 'Elgin Marbles' from all over Greece, including the Parthenon. Then, pubs. After that we went to Belgo Central, a Belgian food hall restaurant with cuisine so good I could not believe it. Then, the pub again.

Today I went to Speaker's Corner, and may I say I was not thunderstruck. There was no-one there. No free speech, no tourists, no police in trucks. Certainly no 2 men saying they are Jesus, and no protest singer. I was so upset at the lack of complaining I wanted to complain myself.

Until next time.

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April 2015
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