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Lazing on a sunny afternoon

My last adventures in London (for now) were as follows: I did something very British indeed and went to wash my smalls, and I don't mean dip my tiddlies in a glass o' wa'er. I went to the laundrette and watched my stuff go round and round and round. Opening that laundry bag was just like that sketch; I expected my socks to make a bolt for freedom. I know we have laundrettes back home, but I've never been to one as everywhere I ever lived had a washing machine.

Next, I procrastinated. After that, I went to visit Uncle Karl at Highgate Cemetery, but my procrastination and the fact I got hopelessly lost meant I got there 1/2 an hour after it closed, and I didn't get to go in. However, the photos I got through the fence of this ancient, overgrown cemetery were excellent to say the least.

Then, being in a macabre mood, I went to visit 50 Berkeley Square, the setting for my favourite ghost story when I was a kid. It's an antiquarian book shop now, and the tourist blurb says nothing about hauntings. Anyways, it turns out Berkeley Square is walking distance from Liz' house so I went to check that out too. The guys with guns poncing about in silly hats pacing the yard weren't as scary as the policeman who was actually guarding the place and who looked with derision directly into my soul while holding his machinegun ready.

I'm meant to fly out soon, so let's see what world of shit fate can serve me up this time.


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Mar. 23rd, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
“let's see what world of shit fate can serve me up this time.”

Indeed, I’m waiting with baited breath. Hope it’s something good!
Something involving an airport backroom, a ham visited security officer and a rubber glove perhaps?
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