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When the moon hits your eye

Finally, I am in Italia, after years of carrying on about it and 2 weeks of airport mayhem. I made it here relatively unscaithed, though things almost went pear shaped as my local supervisor thought I was arriving a month later. I'm glad I sent an email the morning of the flight. Heathrow lived up to it's reputation, gouging my wallet for excess baggage that would have been fine in North America and then pulling my hand luggage all to pieces looking for bombs and drugs. I am quite glad I don't have to take another flight that requires more than a day pack for several months.

First impression of Padova are good. The people are lovely and friendly but they are noisy bastards at all times of the day and night.


Mar. 25th, 2007 08:16 am (UTC)
McDonalds have pasta, too!
Hey Pauly!

It's Mark. Long time, no type, eh? The polar opposites of your adventures compared to my working drudgery makes for poor conversation!

I'm glad you're finally in Italy - it seems that the English speaking world has been spanking you for months!

Daylight savings is up today (Damn!), so we're having a BBQ. It's feels like a Celtic harvest festival or something!

I believe John has been keeping you up to date with all our drinking adventures, so I won't tease you with the blokey details ('Blokely' - there's a word I bet you haven't used lately!).

Keep safe, mate. We miss you as much as always and selfishly look forward to when your travels are over and you're back in Oz.

Find out what 'funk' is in Italian,

Mar. 26th, 2007 11:28 am (UTC)
Re: McDonalds have pasta, too!
Hmm, I will need to look into the McMenu here. In China they had some weird traditional chicken thingy.

Daylight savings started here today so it seems you are now 8 hours ahead of me. It's getting increasingly more annoying to work out that difference as I shift about and daylight savings changes.

I have not heard 'blokely' much, but the Poms used 'bloke' a bit.

I shall dig into the local for 'funk'. It's probably just funk, as the local for jazz is jazz.

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